Sunday, July 25, 2010

Theatre Company Progress

A few small, but important, developments for the theatre company. Yesterday, we had our first reading. It was just a private table read of a play by Jerry Lieblich, a friend of mine from college ... but good to get things rolling artistically. Afterwards, we had our first theatre company drinking session. Important steps.

Also, I got a certificate back from the Dept of State, so we officially have the name "The Well Theatre Group, Inc." reserved. I'm sending in the articles of incorporation tomorrow, so we will officially be a corporation very soon!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Theatre Company Project: Name and Mission Statement

It is official. Today, I sent in an application to the NYS Dept of State to reserve the name "The Well Theatre Group, Incorporated." I imagine we will probably go by simply "The Well," but that is our name, for official purposes. I should get a certificate back in the mail sometime soonish. The next step is to put together Articles of Incorporation, send it in to the Dept of State, and then we will be an official corporation. Small, but exciting, steps.

Also, the name application required a $10 fee ... see we are now officially $10 in the red. Hurray!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Resurrecting the Blog ... For Realz This Time

Projects for the Summer: Restart the piano project where I left off, Workout, Start a Theatre Company

The ball is official rolling with the soon-to-be-named theatre company. We had our first meeting a couple weeks ago, and we will have a finalized name and mission statement by the end of this week. Here's the mission statement as it stands:

[] Theatre Company produces engaging work, with an emphasis on developing and staging work by emerging artists. We are interested in substance over style; in leaving the audience with something truthful and thoughtful. We are a home for driven, passionate artists looking to find personal fulfillment by creating work that excites seasoned audiences and ignites a new generation of theatre-goers.

It will probably not change much ... maybe a couple words here and there. I'm pretty happy with it. People have been very supportive and right now I'm very excited.