Sunday, April 25, 2010

Acting Update

Just wanted to write a quick update on the reading I did last weekend in Hudson with HRC Showcase. I think I mentioned this a couple posts ago, but just to refresh your memories ... it was a play called Johnny Has Gone for a Solider written by William di Canzio, who, interestingly, is a Yale Drama School grad (for playwriting) and was Dean or Master (can't remember which one) of Trumbull from 1990-98. I thought the play was quite good, and the other cast members (four other actors) were fun to work with. The whole process was very fast and furious. We started at 10am (had to start driving from the city around 7am), and rehearsed until around 6pm with only a 30 minute break for lunch. We performed the whole deal for an audience at 8pm. I had gotten literally no sleep the night before because I had to finish a song for BMI, so I was in a bit of a haze all day, but I think I was able to pull it together and do a good job (at least the feedback was positive). It seems to be a place that likes to use the same actors for several projects, so hopefully this will not be the last thing I do up there ... very unique and enjoyable theatrical experience.

New piano update should come within the next couple weeks. This current piece is not easy ... they keep getting harder.

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